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We greatly appreciate all the kind words we received about our mother ‘Frances’ who passed away at her home surrounded by her family on Dec. 24, 2009.

Frances lived everyday of her life to the fullest and she will be a hard act to follow.  

Since so many people have contacted us since her passing we thought we’d share a little history and background on Frances, we hope you enjoy it.

 Raised in the strawberry fields of turkey creek Florida, Frances was married to our dad (Homer) for forty seven years, she helped manage our music career.
Frances worked and dedicated her life to her family, friends and people in need. She woke up every morning at five thirty a.m. And went about doing what she was passionate about, helping people.

 Most of Pasco county Florida and a large part of the country music community including ‘Waylon Jennings’ and ‘Buck Owens’ called her ‘ma bellamy’.  In total Frances and Homer had three children, ten grandchildren, four great grand children along with numerous assorted orphans and ‘strays’ she claimed as her own. Our father (Homer) passed away in nineteen eighty seven, he was twelve years older than Frances.

 During her eighty five years, she worked cattled, did grove work and truck farmed right alongside her husband. She rolled cigars at the hav-a-tampa cigar factory and worked at the Lykes Pasco packing orange juice plant. She drove a Pasco county school bus and was assistant manager at the Pasco high school cafeteria for twenty four years.

 She was directly involved in our music career since nineteen seventy six and she signed performance contracts for over six thousand of our concerts.

 She was right at home overseeing television shows, music videos and photo shoots or cooking big meals for the entire band and crew during recording sessions and rehearsals.

She was also the overseer of our family ranch and cattle business where she not only handled the book keeping and paperwork but pitched in and worked hands on in the cowpens to help birth a new born calf or to round up cows whenever she was needed.

 In addition to her own kids, she pretty much raised all of her grandkids and was very involved in the lives of her great grandchildren.

Among Frances’ friends were beggars, presidents, celebrities, lawyers, in-laws, outlaws, musicians and politicians from various backgrounds parties and all walks of life.  She never met a stranger and nobody ever forgot her after they met her.

She and Homer cleared the rugged Florida hammock land we now call our ranch by hand to create rich grassy cattle pasture and fields to plant crops.
Frances actually preferred the outdoor work of the ranch and working in her yard to desk work but she met all chores that came up with the same tireless energy.

Frances was known to take in, take care of and feed people from all races, creeds, color or background. If they were hungry and needy she helped them.

She was also known to give advice to people (sometimes without them asking for it) who had strayed from their families, their country and their god. She assisted people in adopting children and woke doctors up in the middle of the night to treat people who were sick.  She picked up strays, (animals and human), she had very strong ideas on what was right and wrong and she was never shy about giving you her opinion. Frances was a straight talker, like it or not you knew where she stood on things.

It is her strength and her ability to never give up on things you believe in that has given us the drive to succeed even after we first failed.

 Frances was a liberated woman even before the term existed and describing her to people who did not know her was usually difficult. It would take volumes to tell you all the things Frances did for people and there’s no doubt the world is a better place for the life she lived while on this earth.

 We’d like to dedicate this page to her memory that will stay with those of us that knew and loved her forever.

We hope you enjoy reading the following articles written about Frances.

Thanks for your prayers and kind remarks about Frances after her passing.

Peace and love, to you and your families.




Bellamy Brothers' Love for Ma Still Flows Strong


Frances Bellamy


Howard an David both agree the hardest act to follow is their Mother, Frances Bellamy.

Whether driving a bus for the Pasco County School System, running a Cattle Ranch, first with her Husband Homer, and then with her sons, or greeting 20,000 fans at Fan Fair in Nashville, Frances has an infectious personality that can capture a crowd quicker than one of the boys hit songs.

A driving force in the community for over 50 years, she has worked her magic on thousands of Pasco County residents. She gives with her whole heart to family and friends and profoundly touches the lives of all those she meets, and she has met nearly everyone in Pasco County, and beyond.

Frances was born on October 28th in Turkey Creek, Fl. At age 17 she met and married Homer Bellamy and moved to the Ranch where she still lives today in Darby, FL. Frances and Homer had 3 children, Ginger, Howard and David and later adopted their first Grandson Terry.

The Ranch has since grown to a 2500 acre Cattle operation, and the original homestead of 200 acres, houses four generations of Bellamy's including her Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren...

Besides raising her family, Frances served as Assistant Cafeteria Manager and School Bus Driver for Pasco High School for 25 years (1957-1982) and continues to volunteer her time to the school system today. Nearly every child in East Pasco County has ridden her bus or graced her home at one time in their lives.

The Bellamy home has forever been open to those in need and Frances has never know a stranger. In addition to her home and school activities, Frances has also helped to organize Bellamy Brothers Entertainment, a partnership formed in 1975 to manage the careers of sons Howard and David, The Bellamy Brothers.

As well know in the music community, as she is in her home town, Frances is affectionately know as "Ma Bellamy" by a host of entertainers from Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn to the Oak Ridge boys and Reba McEntire.

David and Howard are always amazed in their travels, where ever they go, how people are constantly asking how their mother is, and someone is always asking them to tell "Ma Bellamy" hello.

Frances Bellamy has spent her life making those around her feel "Special", and has dedicated every moment to her children and grandchildren. Without her involvement, Howard and David both agree, they would have never made it.


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