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"Persuasion" At Seaside

Beautiful Persuasion is situated in the quaint town of Seaside, Florida. Located up in the panhandle, Seaside resembles a modernistic approach to 'old Florida', with Cracker style beach houses and and old time feel.

The Bellamy Brothers' Persuasion is a three story beach house nestled in the middle of the village. The first floor contains the kitchen, living room, a bedroom with bath and a screened in porch all with a sunny Florida decor. A sweeping staircase takes you to the second floor where you will find another bedroom with a private bath and a half bath. There's also a private porch to sun and relax on with a great view. The third floor is a loft room with a porch that overlooks all of Seaside. The Bellamy's visit the beach house a few times a year. The younger generation usually takes advantage of Persuasion when the opportunity arises or when they are swinging through while they are on tour. Otherwise, Persuasion is usually rented out. Please contact Seaside's rental office if you are interested in renting Persuasion while you are visiting Seaside.

If you aren't familiar with Seaside, you should be! Seaside is host to an inordinate amount of unique things, such as its Artist's Community. There are a great number of Artists that come to reside in Seaside. Because of its beautiful beaches and stunning architecture, it makes it appealing to all, especially those with an artistic eye. Another great delight in Seaside are the restaurants. Gourmet food abounds there where even the most discriminate of tastes can be brought to satisfaction. One local place to please your palate is the Modaco Market. Bringing in gourmet food from around the world and dishing up that which they create there, they have become 'the place' to go for the food connoisseur. Each morning they have an incredible selection of baked goods which include just about every form of muffin, quiche, tarts, bagels and stuffed pastry. Lunches are served as either their special 'hot plate' or they can make you a sandwich from their home baked breads and fine deli meats. They make an incredible Olive Salad which The Bellamy's have sent to them once a year or so. Available all day are the desserts, which are too good to pass up. Cheesecakes, tortes, and Baklavas are just a few of the delicacies that are available. Bright blue water and white sugary sand make up the beaches of Seaside. Though Seaside has become a desirable place to visit, you will still find the beaches relatively unoccupied.

If you are interested in a nice relaxing and enjoyable vacation, please take time to visit Seaside. You'll feel like you stepped back into 'Old Florida' in a 'New Florida' kind of way.

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